Platform Function Policy

We are a utility platform and not a publisher platform that censors posts.

We have basic guidelines around the things like pornography (exposed genitals, breasts – other than in nature based documentaries), anything that is illegal (murder, theft, fighting, violence, …)


Instead of deciding what to censor, we only take down what the court orders us to, but we INSTEAD offer basic filtering that blocks offensive posts from common users.

What’s “offensive”?

That’s where we create a specific post type called “sensitive” that the poster has to select when posting anything we deem (as a community) to be potentially “sensitive”. That definition will include a list decided on by the community, but will start with basic things like the porn issues mentioned above.

If a user posts something that is “sensitive” without “tagging” it as such, they will:

  1. be temporarily suspended
  2. be immediately warned, once
  3. shown the rules
  4. have to confirm they saw the rules
  5. if they break the rules again, their account will be suspended until request for review
    the community can use the moderation tools to mark the post as “reported” sensitive.
  6. ONLY VERIFIED MEMBERS CAN SEE SENSITIVE CONTENT. So it drastically demotivates and reduces the ability for spam posters because of above rules, they’ll get deleted and meta & personal details blacklisted.