Investor Overview

Almost Immediate Returns?

Yes, if you choose.

We’re now offering an innovative new crowdfunding approach that allows anyone to safely contribute to our growth with drastically less risk than a standard share purchase.

We currently have two fundraising initiatives with varying risk thresholds:

  1. Short-Term Loan with Monthly Payback and Future Share Options

    • Min. $1,000 – Lower risk, lower potential reward, more immediate returns.
    • Receive monthly payments from our monthly revenues until 200% of loan is repaid.
    • Warrant option to buy shares at today’s price once loan is repaid.
  2. Investment Purchase of Common Shares

    • Min. $10,000 – Higher risk + qualification, higher potential reward, longer-term investment returns.
    • No monthly payments or dividends (planned). Investment return upon company acquisition or IPO (or STO).
    • Additional 2 Years Warrant option to buy shares at today’s price.


Below you can book an online meeting and presentation with our Founder & CEO, Paul Marek (or email to learn more and decide which option is most comfortable for you.

Quick Overview

Muuver is a quick and easy way for people to leave ratings, reviews or opinions about ANYTHING on almost ANY social platform.

Muuver then brings everyone’s votes all into one place where they get scored and organized into the world’s first centralized global scoring system for EVERYTHING.

Why use SuperTags?    BE CAUSE.    #YourVoteMATTERS+++

How Does It Work?


A SuperTag is simply a hashtag with a vote created by adding up to 3 pluses (+) or minuses (-) after the hashtag.

SuperTags to DataPage

People just hook up their social accounts to Muuver, then use SuperTags to vote on anything right from their favorite social platform, or directly on Muuver if they prefer.

We bring the votes from social platforms back into Muuver to create the scores for everything with everyone’s posts from everywhere. This creates a great resource for everything from consumer research and reviews to sports and entertainment sentiment scoring to dynamic social movements we call “muuvments”.

Muuver goes a step further and provides the data analysis and visualisation tools (to users and businesses) to give meaning to all that data so it can provide insights and understanding about what the world is thinking.

For more info email to or use the buttons above to download PDFs of our one-page overview or the investor intro slides you see on this page.

This document is not intended to solicit non-qualifying investors. This document is only intended for Accredited Investors and friends and family of MUUVER Inc. Directors – those who qualify for a Prospectus Exemption as required under Form 45-106F9, Canada. Please leave this page if you do not meet the abovementioned qualifications for this investment.