Our Operating Directives

Please read and agree with these 7 Core Operating Directives and practice them in your use of muuver.com.

Our goal is to offer the highest quality user experience to our members.

In order to do this we are committed to operating by this list of core operating directives which we require all members to agree and adhere to.

7 Core Operating Directives

  1. Our Prime Directive is about PRIVACY & CONTROL
    We believe that; a) your privacy, b) your ability to give informed consent and c) your ability to control all aspects of your personal content and data is the most important factor in providing our services to you. Privacy is not about locking down all your data – it’s about having the ability to control and consent to how, when, why and who it is used by, or not. All of the tools we design and build have this as their primary purpose – to give you to control of your privacy and data.
  2. Our Second Directive is about EMPOWERMENT
    Our Second Directive is to empower you to know that your voice and vote matter, and to give you a power tool to freely use your voice and vote for doing good.
  3. Our Third Directive is about ACCOUNTABILITY
    Our Third Directive is to temper the Second Directive with the waters of caution: Your vote and voice only matter when you know what you’re talking about, and, if you are going to use this tool to hold others accountable, you must first be accountable – or else your voice and vote is just meaningless spam.
  4. Our Fourth Directive is about RESPECT
    Our Fourth Directive is produce Best Outcomes, which can only occur when everyone is respectful, constructive and polite. This builds credibility which makes your voice and vote more meaningful. We recognize and reward this through MiCRED credibility points.
  5. Our Fifth Directive is about TRANSPARENCY & FAIRNESS
    Our Fifth Directive is to always be open and fair in the way we do things. Transparency, fairness and mutual trust are key. Building this platform with you is key. Giving you a voice in creating our policies is key. Any earnings we make from your resources (data and engagement) and our tools shall be shared with you equally.
  6. Our Sixth Directive is about TRUST & PARTNERSHIP
    Trust and Partnership is key – you should not just own your data, but you should also own your data company (through tokenized shareholding) and contribute to our collective operating principles, guidelines, policies and strategies. (Coming soon!)
  7. Our Seventh Directive is about CENSORSHIP
    We are not arbiters of socially appropriate content and will not censor any content that is not illegal. We are a technology platform that can provide our users with filtering tools that allow them to create their own acceptable experience of freely made, publicly available, legal discourse. We also invite our users to use our tool to vote on and/or suggest solutions to these issues inherent in a tool that enables free, open, uncensored public discourse.

By creating an account at muuver.com you agree with and abide by these 7 Core Operating Directives.